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Mike Foley - Chief Executive Officer of the Wessex Multi Academy Trust

Mike Foley

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer of the Wessex Academy Trust – Mike Foley

Welcome to the Wessex Multi-Academy Trust.

You are probably interested in finding out about what we do and how we set about providing the best possible education for all young people attending one of our schools. Therefore, we have tried to give you a feel for what it means to be a learner in the Wessex MAT and to explain what is important to us.

Learning is at the heart of what we do – it is everything. We want to encourage a love of learning for life, and everyone involved in Wessex will play a part in making that happen. We want young people to learn from each other together a rich diversity of experiences; we provide a breadth of opportunities so they can find their own special skill or talent; we talk to them about ‘unlocking potential’ rather than ‘reaching potential’ because we don’t want young people to set any limit on what they can achieve.

We like the concept of working within a family of schools. We believe schools achieve most when they work together, sharing expertise and best practice. Everyone benefits – those that are receiving support and those providing it. Schools working together can achieve savings and efficiencies and maximise the use of specialist services. Staff have more opportunities for progression and development and the security of knowing that help is readily available. School improvement happens when you work as part of a larger team with the same values and ambition.

Thank you for your interest.

Our Mission

Our Mission is for every child in our care to have the best possible learning opportunities in a safe and caring environment where they can achieve their full potential.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to work in partnership with our schools and staff to deliver outstanding contemporary learning opportunities that prepare every child to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.


All stakeholders will hold our Trust accountable for its decisions and outcomes

To provide schools with services, advice and guidance necessary for high-quality education and compliance

Providing effective and simple modes of communication that will allow all stakeholders to understand how our Trust is governed and how decisions are arrived at


We believe learning for life is best provided in an inclusive environment where young people come together regardless of ability, background, culture, faith or beliefs

To prove that system wide improvement is best achieved through collaboration not competition

We believe that learners, families and communities are crucial partners in the quest for successful learning

To make the best use of resources and provide high quality support services that are personalised and tailored to each school’s needs

Bring people together so as to build inclusive communities


All Trust schools will strive for, and retain, an Ofsted rating of outstanding

To train, develop, recruit and retain the most outstanding staff in the belief that this is the way to achieve world-class standards in education

To identify and develop outstanding governors and leaders and ensure succession planning in all our schools

To continuously improve the quality of teaching and learning so all young people in our care get the best possible opportunities for future progression


We believe that mutual respect is the foundation for good relationships and that we should act with care, concern and generosity towards each other

We believe that every young person has a talent that can be nurtured through relentless optimism and striving for success

Promoting inclusivity helps to generate authentic respect for others

Respecting the decisions of students who do not wish to follow the traditional pathway into university education

We believe in a plural society where freedom of speech is upheld by all members of our school community


To support all children and young people to live safe, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives through outstanding provision in welfare, support and safeguarding

To make a difference to families and communities through opportunities for sport, travel, performance and further learning

We believe in the power of learning as a means to transform lives

To provide short, medium and long-term support for all students

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion - Partnership Pledge

In our schools

We hold up a mirror in order to see the diverse faces and families before us, to think about where equity for each person is and to achieve their inclusion in all aspects of school life. We are aware of privilege and disadvantage throughout our schools.

In our partnership communities

We look through a window to grasp the potential for working together, to embrace each other's students, staff and ideas, and create the possibilities that lie therein.

In our world

We open the door to receive the real world in and to welcome the present. We listen, learn and observe hard; we send out diverse school life to inspire, to change, to model.

Our Team

Mike Foley, CEO

Mike Foley

Chief Executive Officer

Debbie Shutts, CFO

Debbie Shutts

Chief Financial Officer

Catherine Smith, Director of Primary Education

Catherine Smith

Director of Primary Education

Laura Cheney, Director of School Improvement

Laura Cheney

Director of School Improvement

Tim Ennion, Director of School Improvement

Tim Ennion

Director of School Improvement

Karen Weir, Executive Assistant

Karen Weir

Executive Assistant

Phil Eadie,

Mark Fenwick

IT Manager

Robyn Symes, HR Manager

Robyn Symes

HR Manager

Kate Carter, Finance Manager

Kate Carter

Finance Manager

Sarah Jelly, Senior Finance Officer

Sarah Jelly

Senior Finance Officer

Lisa Trim, Senior Finance Officer

Lisa Trim

Senior Finance Officer

Ali Goff, Finance Officer

Ali Goff

Finance Officer

Jayden Sims-Duff, Finance Assistant

Jayden Sims-Duff

Finance Officer

Vicky Smyth, Governance Manager / MAT Clerk

Vicky Smyth

Governance Manager / Mat Clerk

Michelle Every, Business Support Officer

Michelle Every

Business Support Officer

Fiona Clulee, Business Support Officer

Fiona Clulee

Business Support Officer

Documents and Reports

GovernanceUploadedFile Size
Manor Park CofE First School Supplementary Funding Agreement.pdf12/01/20235657 KB
St Mary's CE Middle School Church agreement.pdf16/09/20223941 KB
Wessex Master Funding Agreement.pdf12/01/20237066 KB
Piddle Valley CE First School Church Supplementary Agreement.pdf16/09/20221654 KB
Frome Valley CE First School Church Supplementary Agreement.pdf16/09/20222019 KB
Scheme of Delegation new format.pdf09/11/2022364 KB
Articles of Association (Final) 17.08.2022.pdf03/01/2023160 KB
MoU Signed by All Parties.pdf03/01/2023339 KB
THS Supplemental Funding Agreement - 22-12-2015.pdf28/04/20211375 KB
Dorchester Middle School Supplementary Funding Agreement.pdf04/01/20227098 KB
The Thomas Hardye MAT Articles of Association (FINAL).pdf16/09/2022209 KB
GTAT to Wessex Supplementary Funding Agreement.pdf12/01/20231798 KB
Manor Park Cof E First School Church Supplementary Agreement.pdf12/01/20235463 KB
The Purbeck School Dorset Supplementary Funding Agreement.pdf04/05/20226352 KB
THS Deed of Variation Supplemental Funding Agreement.pdf28/04/20211050 KB
St Osmund's Deed of Novation and Variation of the Church Supplemental Agree.pdf28/04/20211938 KB
MAT Register of Business Interests 22-23.pdf03/01/2023505 KB
St Osmund's New Church Supplemental Agreement 28.02.20.pdf28/04/2021890 KB
Damers First School Supplemental Funding Agreement 28.10.19.pdf28/04/20212665 KB
Puddletown CE First School Church Supplementary Agreement.pdf16/09/20221334 KB
Bere Regis Supplemental Funding Agreement 30.11.18.pdf28/04/202111570 KB
Public PoliciesUploadedFile Size
MAT - Governors Expenses Policy 14.11.18.pdf04/05/2022422 KB
MAT - Salary protection policy for schools.pdf04/05/2022145 KB
MAT - Donations Policy Nov 18.pdf24/09/2020557 KB
MAT - Redundancy and restructure procedure_.pdf04/05/2022165 KB
MAT - Disciplinary Policy.pdf28/11/2022414 KB
MAT - Maternity Leave.pdf28/11/2022373 KB
MAT - Final Model Privacy Policy 30.6.21.pdf20/01/2022183 KB
MAT - Redundancy and restructure policy_.pdf04/05/2022174 KB
S - MAT - Model SEND Policy Feb 21.doc.pdf03/03/2021281 KB
MAT - Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy Nov 19.pdf14/09/2020304 KB
MAT - Grievance Policy.pdf28/11/2022180 KB
MAT - MaternityAdoption Support Leave (Paternity).pdf28/11/2022209 KB
MAT - Stress Management Policy.pdf24/09/2020541 KB
MAT - Flexible Working Policy & Process.pdf28/11/2022268 KB
MAT - Gifts and Hospitality Policy.pdf28/11/2022162 KB
MAT - Menopause Policy.pdf03/01/2023359 KB
MAT - Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Staff and Volunteers - Procedure.pdf03/01/2023235 KB
MAT - Shared Parental Leave Policy.pdf28/11/2022268 KB
MAT - Apprasial and Capability Procedure - Support Staff.pdf28/11/2022310 KB
MAT - Probationary Procedure - Support Staff.pdf28/11/2022203 KB
MAT - Attendance Management Procedure.pdf28/11/2022348 KB
MAT - Recruitment & Selection Policy & Procedure.pdf28/11/2022235 KB
MAT - Pensions Discretion Policy.pdf28/11/2022155 KB
S - MAT Data Protection Policy 15.9.20.pdf03/03/2021229 KB
S - MAT Financial Regs and Scheme of Delegation Jan 20.pdf14/09/2020273 KB
S - MAT Freedom of Information Policy 19.pdf14/09/2020458 KB
MAT - Parental Leave Policy.pdf28/11/2022146 KB
MAT - Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy.pdf28/11/2022170 KB
MAT - Debt Recovery Policy.pdf24/09/2020427 KB
S - MAT - Pay Policy - Teaching Staff (Dec 22).pdf12/01/2023398 KB
MAT - Staff Code of Conduct Policy.pdf28/11/2022233 KB
MAT - Adoption Leave.pdf28/11/2022297 KB
S - MAT - General Health Safety and Welfare Policy Feb 22.pdf04/05/2022225 KB
S - MAT Whistleblowing Policy draft Mar 22.pdf18/10/2022127 KB
MAT - Appraisal and Capability Policy for Teaching Staff Nov 18.pdf24/09/20201561 KB
MAT - Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Staff and Volunteers - Policy.pdf03/01/2023267 KB
MAT - Capitalisation and Depreciation Nov 19.pdf14/09/2020273 KB
MAT - Appraisal and Capability Policy - Support Staff.pdf28/11/2022238 KB
S - MAT - Complaints Policy Approved 12.1.22.pdf20/01/2022241 KB
S - MAT - Pay Policy - Support Staff (Dec 22).pdf12/01/2023310 KB
MAT - Time off for Dependents and Other leave Policy 28.4.21.pdf10/05/2021168 KB
MAT - Approved Governance Code of Conduct 29.9.21.pdf12/10/2021201 KB
S - MAT - Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy.pdf04/05/2022333 KB
MAT - Fairness and Dignity at Work Statement.pdf28/11/2022210 KB
MAT - Final Central Privacy Policy 14.10.21.pdf20/01/2022187 KB
MAT - Absence Without Leave (AWOL) Policy.pdf28/11/2022217 KB